Virtual Computer Healthcare Plan

Security for computer
  • Are you set up to work from home?
  • Are you concerned about computer protection, performance, and security?
  • Are you backing up your important information regularly?

Call us today at (604) 435-8254 for our peace of mind virtual computer healthcare plan!

For $35.00 (including tax) per month on our annual subscription plan, you get:

  1. **Annual virtual computer health checks and tune-up for up to 3 computers via remote support
  2. **Monthly check on your data backup using your portable storage device to ensure your data backup is safe and up to date via remote support
  3. **5 hours of virtual remote support for peace of mind
  4. Prepay $350.00 (including tax) for 10 months service and get 2 months free.

Note: Our regular hourly rate will apply if you have already consumed the 5 hours and need more. Enroll  by emailing or call us at (604) 435-8254  

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