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ComputerAge Services currently has two locations in North York, ON and Vancouver, BC, and we serve the surrounding areas. We offer promotions to help you save money on computer maintenance, computer cleaning, and other technical support services. Our CHIP (Computer Health Insurance Plan) offers peace of mind from lost productivity, expenses, down time, and breakdowns. Our fee of $349.00 plus taxes covers a wide range of concerns.

Our Fee Covers:

  • Up to 3 computers for our annual preventative maintenance, cleaning, servicing, performance testing, ensuring security protection updates are in place, and evaluation to prevent breakdowns, costly repairs, and downtime.
  • Up to 5 hours of support time should a problem occur.
  • Telephone and email advice.

Take Advantage

We offer this promotion for your convenience, so take advantage while you can. You'll have plenty of protection in the event of any technical issues. Call ComputerAge Services to schedule a computer maintenance or computer cleaning service today.

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