Covid-19 Update

During these challenging times, we are open and serving our customers with virtual & remote support for our dedicated computer services, support, and training.
In line with the federal and provincal health authority orders observing social & physical distancing requirements, we have some limited availability of contactless pick-up and delivery options for our in-lab computer repair services, contact us for more details.

The Computer Doctor

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Who Makes House Calls

As the computer doctor who makes house calls, the technical specialists ComputerAge Services are committed to helping you with your technology and computer systems. We opened our doors 22 years ago in North York, ON to serve our community in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as out-of-town clients. Now we are expanding to help clients in the Vancouver, BC area with our fantastic technical support services.

Trust Our Expertise

Our dedicated team of customer support representatives and technical specialists are here for the long term. We strive to continue helping, serving, sharing, and teaching a broad range of clients for many years to come. In keeping with the advancement of technology and computer systems, our mission and intention is to offer up-to-date services in both locations utilizing remote technical support as well in-person support.

Save Time And Money

Small businesses continue to grow and fuel the economy in many different industry sectors. All industry sectors have several important concerns in common, including the reliability of computer systems, programs, security, data protection, and other integral systems. When issues occur with any of these, the results can have a major impact on productivity, finances, and other important functions of a business. The majority of small businesses don't have the resources to manage their computer systems with the help of in-house technical support. Our technical specialists can help fill this gap as your outsourcing partner by monitoring, evaluating, and checking your computer systems, as well as recommending proactive measures before problems happen

Book An Appointment

When you need reliable technical support, come to ComputerAge Services. We'll make sure your computer systems and technology are running smoothly, so you can focus on running your business. Give us a call to learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our technical specialists.

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